Wednesday, December 11, 2013

List # 10 - I was a friend this year by...

It's amazing how busy life suddenly gets...   (maybe I'm trying to do too much)
I'm trying to keep up with my 30 days of lists and create one list a night but...
there's always something else that needs to get done.

Tuesday night I made cookies so I could bring them to the knitting cocoa and cookies party Friday night.
Tonight, my sister and niece drove into town so visiting with them takes precedence over everything! :)
Tomorrow night we will all go to my daughter's to visit and play with my 6 month old grandson.
Friday night is the cocoa and cookies knitting party.
Saturday night I'm babysitting so my daughter can go to her work holiday party.

I obviously work during the day or I wouldn't have this struggle of time to get my list printed and my book page decorated.

This is something I'm really enjoying, I'm looking forward to sitting with glue and glitter and cutouts to sparkle up my book list a bit more.  Maybe Sunday.....

I've finished my list for tonight, but won't get it loaded into my list book - looks like it'll be awhile for that .. poo

Here is List # 10 - I was a friend this year by...
     Making a necklace for a friend who really liked the one I was wearing.
     Taking on extra duties at work for a team mate who was feeling overwhelmed.
     Knitting a hat for my neighbor's mother who lost her hair to chemo.

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